On The Move

On The Move (OTM) is dedicated to helping those in need Move in a loving and supportive manner

When: Appointments by request
Where: Within 12-mile radius of Bethany's Greenland campus

onthe move

Moving one’s possessions can be a difficult task and can become overwhelming. Difficulties and stress can truly consume individuals, especially during a time of extreme hardship such as loss of loved ones, financial difficulties, physical capabilities, or age.
On the Move would like to help!

“On the Move” (OTM) ministries, is a moving Ministry that supports the OUTREACH of our Church and PROVIDE ASSISTANCE to those in NEED. A “NEED” is determined by the Recipient’s “HARDSHIP”.

Guidelines and Specifics:

***Please familiarize yourself with our Guidelines, in order to Qualify for OTM assistance.

1) Recipients MUST have a HARDSHIP in order to qualify.  For example: Financial, Physical and/or other extenuating circumstances.

2) Recipients “TO” & “FROM” addresses, must be within a 12 mile radius of our Greenland Campus.  Situations, are determined on a case by case basis.

3) OTM requires a minimum of 2 weeks prior notice of a move.

***Once a Recipient has been approved for assistance, the following information, needs to be submitted;

A) Hardship: Since this is a MUST in order to qualify for “On the Move” assistant, we will need a small story of your “Hardship”.

You must be comfortable enough, in  US sharing your story to our team.

B) Date:  We will need a FIRM move date.

C) Locations: We will need FULL address, and ZIP CODE, to Both locations.

D) Items list:  We will need a:   “General List of Items”

For example:

  • (1) Queen size bed
  • (1) King size bed
  • (2) Bedroom Dressers
  • (4) End tables
  • (1) Couch
  • (1) Love Seat
  • (1) Kitchen Table w/4 chairs
  • Etc……
  • Aprox number of boxes (i.e. 20-30)
  • ***SPECIFICS; 

  • OTM DOES NOT pack items.  Our team will only move items that are ready.  We suggest that you properly secure all boxes, so that you eliminate, as much as possible, items falling apart during a move.
  • We also suggest, using medium size boxes whenever possible, since they are easier to move for team members.
  • OTM AND BETHANY CHURCH, require all Recipients to sign a “Hold Harmless Agreement” form.  Our team members, do their best, in handling your personal possessions but, in the event of any damage, we will not be held responsible.
  • An OTM ministry leader must do at least one home visit, prior to any move and may need to also visit where items are going “TO”.  An assessment of the situation, is generally a MUST in any move.
  • All OTM moves, are done ONLY on Saturday mornings. From 8:00am-10:00am.
  • If a Recipient can financially afford a UHAUL or other method of moving items, they are asked to do so, if you can not afford to supply a moving method, our ministry will help in assisting the need.
  • Once we (OTM & Recipient), approve a FINAL DRAFT, an email message, requesting help from the team, is generally broadcasted on Monday of the Move week.
  • A second and final request for help, is generated on the Friday before the Move.
  • Our FINAL STEP, is now turned over to GOD!
  • Thank you and may The Lord our God, bless your Move!

    “On the Move” ministries

    For more information:
    Contact Name: Gary Dellner
    Contact Phone: 603-767-7969
    Send an Email
    Or click here to contact us

    Campuses: Off Campus

    Ministry Categories: Caring, Men's Programs

    Status: Active

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