On The Move

On The Move (OTM) is dedicated to helping those in need Move in a loving and supportive manner

When: Appointments by request
Where: Within 12-mile radius of Bethany's Greenland campus

onthe move

Moving one’s possessions can be a difficult task and can become overwhelming. Difficulties and stress can truly consume individuals, especially during a time of extreme hardship such as loss of loved ones, financial difficulties, physical capabilities, or age.
On the Move would like to help!

 To receive assistance, please submit email after the below has been determined

– Must first exhaust all family and friends to help in their move

– Must be within a 12-mile radius from Bethany’s Greenland Campus

– Must have a hardship status that makes their move difficult

”All those requesting assistance, must complete a liability waiver form and it must be approved by a ministry leader AND Bethany Church before acceptance”.

Preparing for a move:
– Moving Request must be submitted no less than  2 Weeks  before move date

– Moves are ONLY done on Saturday mornings, starting at 8:00 am, and contingent upon team availability;  most moves are usually no longer than 2 hours, from start to finish

– Packing is the responsibility of the recipient.  Recipients MUST be prepared for team members to load upon arrival at 8:00am. Items that are not ready will not be considered for the move

If you would like to join our team, we are always looking for strong backs to help out!







For more information:
Contact Name: Gary Dellner
Contact Phone: 603-767-7969
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Campuses: Off Campus

Ministry Categories: Caring, Men's Programs

Status: Active

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