Before You Divorce

Restoring Challenged Marriages

When: Schedules arranged as required
Where: At various locations, depending upon the situation

prevent-divorceBefore You Divorce is a program developed by DivorceCare. It is designed to help restore marriages that are threatened with the divorce word. This is a 5 week program built on the concept of individualized couple facilitation to get them to considered reconciliation. The Maloney’s work with one couple at a time, helping them to restore their marriage.

Contact Bill Maloney at 603-475-4235 or Pauline Maloney at 603-944-7993.

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Contact Name: Bill and Pauline Maloney
Contact Phone: 603-475-4235
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Campuses: Greenland Campus

Ministry Categories: Caring, Familiy Ministries, Marriage Care

Status: Active

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