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Coming together to share our hearts with our Heavenly Father

When: Prayer Teams Available Weekly
Where: Bethany Church - Greenland Campus


Simply stated, Prayer is conversation with God. A personal relationship with Jesus, as with all relationships, is strengthened by communication. The more we get to know Him, the more time we spend with Him, the more He deepens and strengthens our faith in Him.

The prayer ministry at Bethany exists to encourage and equip all believers who desire to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer. As we seek and experience His power and direction in our lives, we will be more effective in serving and supporting others, in our own Church family and in our community at large.

Our Prayer Teams:
Sunday Morning Prayer Team meets to pray for the Church & Pastors
Prayer Teams are available to meet with individuals for prayer after each service
Email Prayer Team receives congregation prayer requests weekly

If you would like to join one of these groups or if you are in need of prayer please contact us.

For more information:
Contact Name: Debbie Groder
Contact Phone: 603-570-9033
Send an Email
Or click here to contact us

Campuses: Greenland Campus

Ministry Categories: Caring

Status: Active

7 Responses

  1. jack says:


    My name is Jack. I am an autistic believer. My life is a nightmare. I am asking believers everywhere to pray these verses to Jesus as prayers for my life. Eph 1:17, Psalm 147.



    • jhuwe says:

      Thank you for reaching out to us at Bethany Church. I have passed along your prayer request to our prayer team and staff. God bless you

      Julie Huwe
      Greenland Campus Staff

  2. chayil says:

    Prayer for social life and those who surround me…asking for godly appropriate boundaries be established. praying according to word Matthew 15:13 every plant my Father has not planted or approve of be removed, John 15:2 every vine not producing fruit be pruned, hebrews 12:26-28 the foundations be shaken in order that everything that cannot stand will fall

  3. SANDRA says:

    Please pray for me. I am asking God to manifest my healing today for the following symptoms in my body.
    1) That the inflammation on the meninges of my brain will go and that the covering of my brain will be restored to its normal state,
    2) That all noise in my ears will go immediately and according to Nahum 1:9 it will never come back ever again.
    3) That my hearing will be perfect and any damage done to it will be restored. According to Jeremiah 30:17.
    4) That the humming furnace noise I hear in my head that usually is a prelude to an attack on my ears will be plucked up by the roots and taken out of my head and ears forever.
    5) That all pressure in my head and ears will leave immediately and never return according to Nahum 1:9
    6) That my ears will be restored to normal and that ALL sensitivity in my ears will be restored to normal.
    7) That I will be completely healed and made whole very very soon even without the aid of doctors and medicine. I have been examined by 5 doctors and seen 2 specialists. I had an MRI and a CAT scan and bloodwork. They still do not know how to help me.
    Also would you please pray for my Mother, Donna to be healed in her body but most importantly that she will accept Jesus as her Savior.
    Thank you so much for praying for me and my precious Mother.

    • jhuwe says:

      Thank you for your prayer requests. I am sorry for the delay in responding but I was unable to get to this website until now.
      God hears your prayers and now Bethany prayer people and staff will know them also. For prayer updates and new ones, contact Debbie Groder,

      God bless you each day with His peace and joy! Julie Huwe

  4. Sue Gardner says:

    Please pray for our daughter Andrea who is a NP and was exposed to a patient that tested positive for Coronavirus. Today she has a fever. She has 2 children and a husband that she may have exposed them also.

    • jhuwe says:

      Dear Sue,
      Thank you for contacting Bethany Church. Sorry for the delay in responding to your prayer request. I have passed this on to Debbie Groder
      Please contact her directly by email for updates to your prayers and future prayers,

      May God bless you through each day, Love Julie Huwe

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