Dr. Egle Frugone

Organization: Christ for the City International (Costa Rica)
Web Site: www.cfci.org
Region: Central and South America

Mailing Address: Apartado 87-1260 • Plaza Colonial – Escazu • San Jose • Costa Rica • North America

Birthdays: Dr. Egle – June 20

The Ministry

Dr. Egle has been working with Christ for the City International in Costa Rica since 1995. She is involved in three different ministries:

  1. Medical director of the Carpio Christian Clinic which is located in a squatter community of 35,000 people.
  2. Directs Medical Missions for Christ, a program of medical-evangelistic caravans to two reservations of Guaymí Indians in the southern part of Costa Rica.
  3. A relatively new ministry called Neos Kainos. . The purpose of Neos Kainos is to provide jobs for adolescents from Carpio (especially girls) between the ages of 16 and 22, so as to rescue them from the social risks of the community, raise their self-esteem as they learn to work with excellence, and above all help them come to know Christ

In everything that Dr. Egle does, her overall goal is to use her professionas a physician to share God’s love with those who are most needy – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Prayer Requests

  • Resources
  • That God would provide the necessary resources to keep the ministry going
  • Spread Faith
  • That more believers would bring the love of Christ throughout Costa Rica
  • For Dr. Frugone’s spiritual growth and wisdom in discerning God’s direction for the future of the ministry


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