Tim & Pam Schuman

Organization: Campus Crusade for Christ (USA)
Web Site: www.ccci.org
Region: USA

Mailing Address: 36 Swaan Drive • Lee • NH • 03824 • tim.schuman@cru.org

Birthdays: Tim – September 2, Pam – May 5, Andrew – August 25, Amy – August 18, Bekah – June 12

Tim and Pam’s Anniversary – June 4

The Ministry

Since 2004, Tim has focused full time at the University of New Hampshire. The staff team and student leaders seek to expose the entire freshmen class to the Gospel each year. They were able to distribute 1100 Freshmen Survival Kits this fall and through a related questionnaire they are able to meet with hundreds of students to have individual conversations to explain the Gospel. Tim and Pam also spend their summers directing the Yellowstone Summer Project for Campus Crusade for Christ. This is similar to the one that takes place at Hampton Beach each year.

The Campus Crusade For Christ Summer Project

Approximately 3000 students from the U.S. participate on one of these summer projects. About half are stateside. Here they train students in evangelism, ministry, and leadership skills while ministering to those they work with. They expect 50-60 students to join them in Yellowstone this summer.

Prayer Requests

  • Wisdom – For wisdom in leading the staff and students at UNH.
  • Students Growth – For the students at UNH and Yellowstone National Park that they would be drawn into a deeper relationship with the Lord and develop in their ministry skills so in their vocation they could serve Him for a lifetime of fruitful ministry.
  • Students to be Saved – That many students would come to know the Lord!
  • Financial – That the Lord would supply their financial needs.

Last Updated: 9/18/14

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