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Good Times

Good Times Summer 2021 GOOD TIMES: Learning How the Bible Speaks About Celebrations Celebration is a regular theme in the Bible, from the feasts and celebrations in the Old Testament to Paul’s commands to rejoice in the New Testament. This summer, we are delving in the Bible and examining how God’s people are not just […]

From Here To Eternity

From Here To Eternity APRIL 2021 Navigating life’s obstacles and encumbrances can be quite challenging. We must remain alert, for these trials come from without and from within. Yet remember, God’s promises offer us a path to stability, motivation, and direction. Without them, we find ourselves disoriented, frustrated, drawing wrong conclusions from our experiences. God’s […]

The Core

The Core March 2021 “Who is God?”“Who is Jesus?”“What is the Gospel?”“Why the Bible?”“Why am I here?” These are five questions worthy of an answer. In this series, we will share five core truths about the Christian faith. These truths provide a solid foundation to anyone. From someone exploring the faith to someone already committed to be […]

All In

All In FEBruary 2021 We live in an increasingly secular society. Is anyone surprised when Jesus is depicted as a mere caricature of what he purported himself to be?  The reason for this is obvious: Jesus has been removed from His moorings in scripture. As followers of Jesus, we will also encounter our fair share of […]

The Present

The Present December 2020 This Christmas season is going to be different for many of us. Holiday traditions might need to change.  Some of the familiar celebrations might have to be put on pause. But amidst the chaos, we find the true gifts that never tarnish or fade. The birth of Jesus promises to bring us […]