So, you have decided to follow Jesus. Where do you go from here? Start here, with our Bethany Be One Essentials…

Bethany Be One Essentials

Our Be One Essentials offer a clear guided pathway toward becoming deeper disciples of Jesus. These Essentials are rooted in scripture and have proven over the centuries to be powerful catalysts to spiritual growth. Through videos, classes, and other means, our goal is to have each disciple grounded in these three Be One Essentials. These Essentials consist of:

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Essential Truths

Just like plumbers, doctors, or cooks need to know certain foundational truths before they can begin their practice, so also disciples of Jesus must have at least a basic grasp of certain fundamentals. And these truths can always be explored in more detail, which, in turn, can help us to grow spiritually at even deeper levels.

By reading the scriptures and by observing a long tradition of faithful disciples, we have identified five basic questions that every Christian should be able to answer with clarity. If we can grasp these five truths, we will have a firm foundation to begin further exploration. These five truths are:

If you are wondering where to begin in this whole new world spiritual truth, start here. Keep studying, praying, discussing and reflecting until you can state briefly and clearly what the Bible teaches in response to each of these questions.

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Essential Disciplines

Spiritual growth does not happen by accident. Christians over the centuries have learned that we need to work at bringing our wayward mind and body into alignment with God’s purposes. We need to develop strong spiritual habits that will enable us to withstand challenges and to serve in this world. We have identified four spiritual habits, or disciplines, that we need to cultivate:

As with any discipline, it may take some time and effort before any of these practices become an everyday part of our lives. We can begin, however, to take small steps, and, over time, these small steps can carry us a long way!

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Essential Engagement

We cannot simply learn discipleship in the classroom. We grow as Jesus followers as we actually engage with others. We cannot just love others in theory. We must get out into the world and actually do something! Here at Bethany, we emphasize two essential levels of engagement:

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So these are the three Bethany Be One Essentials that we feature in our clear guided pathway to spiritual development. We trust that God will use this pathway to lead you even deeper in your relationship with Jesus.