Student Ministries

DivorceCare for Kids – Greenland Campus

Providing support and encouragement to the Children of Divorce and Separation

DivorceCare for Kids is a God-touched, fun and safe place for children of separated and divorced families. Gathering each week with other “kids like us,” a child discovers that they …

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Student Ministries – Greenland Campus


STUDENTS PROGRAM Grades 7 – 12 and  YOUTH GROUP | Grades 7 – 12 at the Barn are on hold.  For info about what is happening,  Contact: John Cogan the …

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Student Ministries – Raymond Campus

Helping students to come to know and follow Christ with commitment and passion

Student Ministry Program for Grades 6th  to 12th Sundays 9 am and 11 am 6th – 8th grade students experience worship with the congregation either with their parents or in …

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