Seize The Day 2

Seize The Day: Daily Devotional

Join Pastor Bruce live every weekday morning as he offers a word of encouragement and challenges us to start each day off by looking to the Scriptures for guidance. It will focus your mind, settle your heart and introduce a spiritual discipline that will stand the test of time.

Why Believe

Grow Study: Why Believe?

Does God exist? Is the Bible True? Explore those answers to these questions and more in a safe setting.  can explore compelling evidence that shows why faith is a reasonable response in a skeptical world. This study invites you to investigate scientific and historical evidence that backs up the Bible’s claims that God exists, He left a message for us, and He desires a personal relationship with you.

Wednesday Night

Wednesdays At Bethany

Wednesday nights can be a time of teaching and small groups. We begin with prayer at 6:15 pm and teaching/small groups at 6:30 pm. Programming for Kids and Students is available Wednesday evenings, as well. Please note, registration is necessary for attendance.

Who is Jesus

Grow Study: Who is Jesus?

Discover who Jesus is and how you can know Him personally through a safe community. Jesus in a safe community! Many people thought Jesus was dangerous, delusional, or worse. But others couldn’t discount the authority of His words and actions. This study will help you learn why Jesus came to earth, what His coming has to do with you, and whether you will ever see Him.

Who is the Holy Sprirt_

Grow Study: Who is the Holy Spirit?

This transforming study will reveal who Jesus is, what He does, and what life is like when He lives within you. Learn what the Holy Spirit does in the life of a Christian and how He can help you grow to be more like Christ. (6 Sessions)

Intro to the bible

Intro To The Bible

Are you looking to develop a better knowledge of the Bible from a Christian perspective? Maybe you would like to learn more about the Bible, but don’t feel comfortable attending church. Join us for this six-week program as we unpack the bible and introduce you to how you can better understand it.