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Bethany is dedicated to providing the tools you need to grow in your love for God and neighbor.

seize the day with pastor bruce

Join Pastor Bruce live every weekday morning as he offers a word of encouragement and challenges us to start each day off by looking to the Scriptures for guidance. It will focus your mind, settle your heart and introduce a spiritual discipline that will stand the test of time.
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Men’s Discovery Bible Study

Rise early on Thursdays and join us for a time of encouragement, coffee, and bible study. The Discovery Bible Study (DBS) method requires no preparation, no homework, and no specific level of knowledge of the Bible, and is always open.
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Wednesdays nights at kittery point with pastor bob

Join Pastor Bob every Wednesday night for a time of teaching and small groups. We begin with prayer at 6:15 pm and teaching/small groups at 6:30 pm. Programming for Kids and Students is available Wednesday evenings as well.
Does God exist? Is the Bible True? Explore those answers to these questions and more. Explore compelling evidence that shows why faith is a reasonable response in a skeptical world. This study invites you to investigate scientific and historical evidence that backs up the Bible’s claims that God exists, He left a message for us, and He desires a personal relationship with you.
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Baptisms at Bethany

Baptism is an external sign of internal faith and a way of saying to the world that you are taking the next step in your faith journey, and that you will live for Jesus. Baptisms typically take place twice a year, and class is required before the event.
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