Kids Ministries – Greenland Campus

Helping our children connect with the Bible's never-ending, timeless truths.

When: Sunday Mornings and (Wednesday Evenings - September - May)
Where: Bethany Church - Greenland Campus

What We Are All About

Adventures for today’s kids. Did you know that a child’s values are already being formed by the time he or she has reached the age of 2? What children learn in the first years has a significant influence on the values they develop and the choices they make. As children grow, those values determine who they become, what they will stand up for, and how they influence the world. It is because of this that Bethany devotes a strong focus to our Children’s Ministry. Our programs, serving infants through sixth-graders, are built on the latest educational research so our kids can connect with the Bible’s never-ending, timeless truths through a fresh approach and learn how to carry those truths into everyday life. Please explore the opportunities offered at both of our campuses.

Sunday Mornings, 9:00 AM


Infants through 18 months receive loving care while parents have the opportunity to grow in our worship services. Drop your child/children off and be assured that you will be contacted upon any problem or need he/she may have.


Little ones 18 months or older with steady walking skills ‘graduate’ to our toddler room where Bible lessons are incorporated into structured play, helping these little ones develop growing skills and a love for the God who made them.

Ages 2 – Kindergarten: First Look

Our goal is to help every child know — really know — that God made them, God loves them, and Jesus wants to be their friend forever.

Grades 1-4: 252 Basics

Kids are challenged to trust God, make wise choices, and build lasting friendships.

Grades 5-6: Merge

Students learn to ‘merge’ real faith with real life: ask the tough questions, find the right answers, and understand more about who God is. Please note: The Merge program is only offered at 9:00am services. See below for 11:00am options.

Sunday Mornings, 11:00 AM

Class material for the 11:00am services will remain the same, however some ages and grade levels are combined.

  • Nursery and Toddler classes are combined.
  • 2- and 3-year-olds are combined.
  • 4- and 5-year-olds are combined.
  • Grades 1-6 will combine in the Village. There is no Merge program for 5th- and 6th graders.
  • Wednesday Evenings, 6:30 PM

    We hold Wednesday Evening Programming through most of the school year, with adjusted schedules during holidays

    Babies – Age 2

    Infants and Toddlers receive loving care combined with Bible stories and creative play.

    Preschoolers – Kindergarten

    Little ones have the opportunity to review the stories/lessons from the previous Sunday, planting them deeply in their hearts.

    Grades 1-4

    This program reinforces practical, Biblical ‘life apps’ from our curriculum, using multiple learning venues and activities.

    Grades 5-6

    Similar to grades 1-4, our preteen program also features concrete ways to apply the truths by reaching out to and caring for others.


    In Kids’ Ministries, we wholeheartedly believe that as kids grasp God’s love for them they will naturally seek to share that love in tangible ways to make a difference in their world. They don’t have to wait to be adults…they can do it right here, right now!

    LOVE WORKS is not a program per se, but an initiative, a way of life. Jesus taught us to love one another…why? Because LOVE WORKS! It does!

    LOVE WORKS believes that even the ordinary, our simple gifts of heart that display themselves in innumerable ways, can be used for extraordinary eternal purposes. Whether kids are connecting with a friend at school, working on a project, or praying for someone who is hurting, they can and do make a difference!

    Some venues for LOVE WORKS are: our midweek classes where we learn, create and give; our two yearly sessions of classes where we do special projects for special people; and our bimonthly outreaches to our church family and the community.


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