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Essential Truths Overview
Who Is God? Introduction
Who Is Jesus? Introduction
Why the Cross? Introduction
Why the Bible? Introduction
Why Am I Here? Introduction

Course List

Initial Self Assessment (optional)

Session 1: Introduction
Session 2: Who Is God? (Part 1)
Session 3: Who Is God? (Part 2)
Who Is God? Review Quiz
Session 4: Who Is Jesus? (Part 1)
Session 5: Who Is Jesus? (Part 2)
Who Is Jesus? Review Quiz
Session 6: Why the Cross? (Part 1)
Session 7: Why the Cross? (Part 2)
Why the Cross? Review Quiz
Session 8: Why the Bible? (Part 1)
Session 9: Why the Bible? (Part 2)
Why the Bible? Review Quiz
Session 10: Why Am I Here?
Why Am I Here? Review Quiz

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