Three Core Principles

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All of our discipleship initiatives at Bethany are based on three core principles:

  1. Get Ready – Essential Truths
  2. Get Set – Essential Disciplines
  3. Go – Essential Engagement

All of out initiatives, ranging from mentoring, to classes, to Connect Groups, to Structured Studies, reinforce these core principles/

1. Get Ready – Essential Truths

Meaningful spiritual growth required a foundation in truth. This truth is revealed to us in Scripture, and is reinforced by teaching, reflection and conversation. We have summarized these foundational truths in our Statement of Faith

As an introduction to these truths, we highly recommend our Starting Point class. You can also try our ‘Get Ready’ assessment tool.

2. Get Set – Essential Disciplines

The foundation truths of scripture require us to practice our faith in an intentional and focused way. Over the centuries, four essential disciplines have emerged as the most effective:

  • Daily Bible Reading and Reflection
  • A regular and vibrant Prayer life
  • Sacrificial Giving
  • Sharing your faith with others

Through Mentoring, Connect Groups, Classes and Structure Studies, we reinforce the necessity of these disciplines. If you are looking for somewhere to start in your development of these skills, try joining a Connect Group or taking a Mid-Week Program class, designated as a ‘Get Set’ class. You can also try our ‘Get Set’ assessment tool.

3. Go – Essential Engagement

We were not created to grow on our own. We are spiritually made to interact and grow together. We all require the encouragement and perspective that others bring. And, as we serve together, we take our spiritual growth to a whole new level.

If you are looking for a way to begin to engage, we would highly recommend joining a Connect Group. The groups are intentionally designed to help you grow with others and, through these relationships, experience the blessing of serving together. You can also try our ‘Go’ assessment tool, and our spiritual SHAPE survey.