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In order to grow spiritually, there are certain Essential Disciplines that we must develop. Spiritual Maturity does not happen by accident. It requires commitment on our part. By taking this section of the Personal Spiritual Inventory, you can see whether you can benefit from giving attention to one or more Spiritual Disciplines. After you submit your completed inventory, we will send you a summary of your results, along with some suggestions for Next Steps in your spiritual growth plan.

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1. Attending Church on Sunday is a high priority for me.
2. I pray almost daily for God’s guidance in personal decisions and circumstances.
3. I believe God is with me throughout the day to assist me with personal decisions and circumstances.
4. I pray almost daily for the needs of others.
5. In my prayer time, I have learned to listen to God as well as talk to Him.
6. In my prayer time, I am gradually experiencing a greater intimacy with God.
7. I know that someone is constantly praying for me, and their prayers definitely make a difference in my life.
8. I believe that personal Bible study is absolutely critical for my spiritual development.
9. I read the Bible and have a personal quiet time almost every day.
10. When I read the Bible, most often I learn something that challenges me in some way.
11. When I read the Bible, I often consult other resources to help me understand what the text is saying.
12. Reading the Bible helps me to experience a greater intimacy with God.
13. I have someone in my life that regularly challenges me to deepen my prayer life and personal Bible Study.
14. I regularly challenge someone else to deepen their prayer life and personal Bible Study.
15. I regularly give a portion of my income to God’s work in our local church.

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