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Spiritual growth requires Essential Engagement with others. God intended for us to develop as a community, not just as individuals. By taking this section of the Personal Spiritual Inventory, you can see whether you have built these spiritual relationships into your life. After you submit your completed inventory, we will send you a summary of your results, along with some suggestions for Next Steps in your spiritual development plan.

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1. I believe that relationships with other believers are extremely important for my spiritual growth.
2. I meet regularly with a small group of people for prayer and bible study.
3. I currently have at least one mature believer in my life with whom I can share personal and spiritual concerns.
4. There is at least one person in my life who holds me accountable to a consistent Christian lifestyle.
5. My family provides an important spiritual foundation for my development.
6. I am actively engaged in passing my faith on to the next generation, to my own children or to other young people.
7. I look forward to seeing my friends at church services on Sunday or at other church events.
8. I consistently try to reach out to visitors when they visit our church.
9. My faith definitely affects how I treat other people.
10. My faith definitely helps me control my anger during times of conflict.
11. Most of my friends encourage me to follow Jesus consistently.
12. I have at least one non-Christian family member or friend with whom I have shared my personal faith journey.
13. I have experienced the joy of leading at least one non-Christian family member or friend to faith in Jesus Christ.
14. If I am to grow deeper in my relationship with Christ, I strongly believe that it is important to keep myself sexually pure, abstaining from sexual intimacy if I am single and remaining faithful to my spouse if I am married.
15. On the whole, I believe I find that my relationships are improving the more I devote myself to a deeper relationship with God.

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