Personal Spiritual Inventory – Get Ready

In order to grow spiritually, there are certain Essential Truths that we must grasp. These truths are fundamental and foundational. Our Christian experience depends upon them. By taking this section of the Personal Spiritual Inventory, you can see whether these truths have taken root in your heart and mind. After you submit your completed inventory, we will send you a summary of your results, along with some suggestions for Next Steps in your spiritual growth plan.

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1. I believe that God is personal, that He loves me and He hears me when I pray.
2. I believe that there is One God who exists eternally in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
3. I believe that I am accepted into the family of God because Jesus died and rose again for me.
4. I am confident that if I were to die today, I would spend eternity in God’s presence
5. I believe that you must know Jesus personally in order to experience eternal life.
6. I believe that God’s Holy Spirit lives within me and leads me in my daily relationships with God and one another.
7. I believe that God has equipped me with spiritual gifts so that I might serve Him by serving others.
8. I believe that the Bible is always true.
9. I have a good understanding of the Bible’s major themes and ideas.
10. I have a good understanding of how the Bible developed over the centuries.
11. I have a good understanding of how the Church developed over the centuries
12. I feel comfortable sharing my faith with others.
13. I am confident that I could defend my faith if questioned by others.
14. I have a good understanding of what the Bible has to say regarding contemporary cultural issues.
15. I have a good understanding of what the Bible says regarding money, possessions and giving.

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