We offer the following programs at each of our Campus locations during the Sunday 9:00 am service.


(Birth to 18 mos | Toddlers (18 months to Age 2)

Our Nursery and Toddler teams work hard to provide a nurturing environment where children are engaged at their level of development. Through play, coloring and listening to stories we’re cultivating an environment where kids can begin to understand they are safe and loved as they experience the joy of a Church Community.



Pre-school (Ages 2-4) | Elementary (Grades K-3) | Pre-teen (Grades 4-6)

Each of the groups above participate in an age-appropriate large group experience with worship and a Bible story. They also have small group experiences with activities that help them learn how to apply each lesson to their lives. There is also ample play time for kids to experience community with other kids.


Wednesday Mid-Week Service

We offer a caring and nurturing environment in our nursery and our other groups participate in age-appropriate activities and hands-on opportunities to build meaningful friendships based on the love of Jesus. Our Wednesday experience takes a particular focus on encouraging kids to take an active role in sharing the love of Jesus with others. Whether it’s listening to a guest speaker or working together to complete a service project, kids learn that God’s love is meant to be shared.


FamilyTime Online

We offer daily opportunities for our families to connect with one another and God on our facebook page. Monday through Friday, we post at 10:00am. You’ll find live videos, crafts or games, worship, and a parent corner. On Saturday and Sunday, you’ll find Parent Guides and Video lesson links.

FamilyTime Program Schedule

We offer the following daily opportunities for our families to connect with one another and God.

Monday | 10:00 a.m. | Talkin’ about Faith
Tuesday | 10:00 a.m. | Craft, game, or activity
Wednesday | 10:00 a.m. | Family huddle information & snack ideas
Thursday | 10:00 a.m. | Worship in Song
Friday | 10:00 a.m. | Parent Corner
Saturday | Sunday | Lesson links & Parent Guides posted


Our curriculum has wonderful tools to help the family and church walk hand in hand in growing strong kids. We send out a weekly email with links to the following resources:

Weekly Parent Guide

Each week parents have access to our weekly guides, which help you lead your kids through lessons at home.  Guides are provided for each age group.

Monthly Parent Cues

These monthly cards offer simple and practical tips on how to reinforce lessons at home.   Cards are provided for each age group.

Weekly GodTimes

Each week, children will receive four days of devotions reflecting on the current week’s lesson.  Kids can use them individually or they can be used as a family devotion. The content is clear enough for kids but is also a great way for the whole family to learn and grow together. Devotions are provided for each age group.

Preschool Placements

Each month (when classes are in session) your preschooler will receive a placemat to keep stories at their fingertips during meal times.

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