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My Faith Journey

We Are Dedicated To Helping You Along Your Journey From Curious To Devoted

Our mission is clear: to love God and others by putting His truth into practice. It is a simple idea that can change the world, one heart at a time. This idea of love seems easy enough until we remember that Jesus calls us to love our enemies, forgive and bear each other’s burdens. How do we love God and love others so we can change the world? It begins with a journey that ends with the renovation of our hearts and our comfort and willingness to share your faith journey through your actions and your words in Jesus’ name.

My Faith Journey

To foster movement along your faith journey, live your life on PAR.

PAR — Pray, Accountability to God, Reflection on Scripture. 

Curious To Believer

Your Faith Journey starts with curiosity. Who is God? Who is Jesus? Why The Bible? Why the Cross? Why Am I Here? Questions...lots of questions. The more you explore answers, the more you can't help, but believe.

Believer To Mentored

Becoming a believer is such an exciting time in your journey. You have decided to be a follower of Jesus and now it is time to explore some of the practices that will help you build a close relationship with Him. The more you put into the relationship the closer you feel to Christ.

Mentored to Devoted

As you grow in your relationship with Jesus, your devotion for Him will compel you to not only love others, but to share how He has changed you. Jesus will be at the center of your thoughts and motivations for your actions. Your faith will permeate all areas of your life, helping you to realize that your heart has been renovated.

At each phase, we’ve provided tools to help you advance along your journey.

Our FOUR PILLARS are alternative entry points to our programming. Our classes, groups, and events are designed to support you in your Faith Journey.


Bethany is dedicated to providing the tools you need to grow in your love for God and neighbor.


Bethany offers opportunities for you to connect and engage with others.


Everywhere we look, there are opportunities to make positive impact. Bethany is committed to identifying ways to leave the world better than we found it.


Life can be hard. At some point, you or someone you know may need support. Bethany offers a wide array of support groups and services to help in a time of need.

You have made the decision to take your first step on your journey and bethany church will be here to help you with each step along the way.

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