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Visitation Team

Listen, Encourage & pray

A cheerful, supportive visit is sometimes the perfect medicine to get someone through the day. We have a team of Bethany Church family members who consider it an honor to pay a visit to anyone hospitalized, residing in care facilities or in their homes. Team members offer prayer, encouragement and friendly conversation.

Listen: Members of the visitation team will attentively listen to the concerns, feelings, and needs of the individuals they are visiting. This can involve providing a sympathetic ear to someone who wants to talk about their experiences or challenges.

Encourage: Encouragement involves offering words of support, motivation, and positivity to boost the spirits of the person being visited. It can include praising their strengths, offering hope, and providing reassurance during difficult times.

Pray: Members of the team will offer to pray with or for the individual they are visiting, seeking God’s comfort, guidance, or healing.

rehabilitation facility
care home
skilled nursing or long-term care facility