Becoming a Member



At Bethany Church we desire…

To be a vibrant, joy-filled community of believers, whom Jesus is transforming from the inside out through a process of spiritual development so that we may be used by Him to draw the outside in through strategic ministries of outreach.

As a church, we can only pursue this mission effectively if we each embrace it personally, allowing it to shape our individual values and decisions. If you are willing to embrace this mission as your own, and join our collective effort toward spiritual transformation and outreach, we invite you prayerfully to consider becoming a Member of Bethany Church. Our Members have made a public decision to engage with us in this work. If you have been enjoying Bethany’s ministries for a while, maybe it is time to take the next step. Perhaps it is time to get out of the grandstands and sign up to be part of the team!


Becoming a Member of Bethany Church is a relatively simple process, consisting of three steps:


Attend 2 Discovery Class Sessions, offered various times throughout the year at each of our campuses.

Discovery Class: Session 1 – The Invitation

Friday, May 3, Greenland Campus, 6-8 PM

In this session, we introduce you to the Pastors, review the Mission and Vision of Bethany Church, and ask you to complete a Spiritual Health Inventory, to see what you might do next to engage in God’s work of transforming you from the inside out. Session 1 gives you a chance to see what Bethany Church is all about. If, after this presentation, you would like to pursue membership, we invite you to return for Session 2.

Discovery Class: Session 2 – The Challenge

Sundays, May 5 & May 19, 11:00 AM, Greenland Campus

In Session 2 we turn the corner and discuss what it means to sign up for membership. We will take a Spiritual Interest and Gifting Survey to see where you might assist in God’s mission to draw the outside in. We also review the Membership Application and Covenant that each member signs. Finally, we invite you to have a meal with one of our Elders or other senior leaders, and to share with them the spiritual journey that brought you to this place of commitment. The Elders will then vote collectively on all applications for Membership at one of their subsequent meetings.


Attend a Worship Service where you are publicly welcomed into Membership. We want to celebrate your addition to the Bethany Family!


Meet one-on-one with a Pastor or another leader on our Staff regarding your engagement at Bethany Church. We wish to work with you personally, so that you can experience the overwhelming joy of engaging in the transforming mission of His Church.


We genuinely strive to keep requirements to a minimum. However, if we are going to work together on one team toward a common goal, then we will need to agree on these three basic requirements:

  1. You have a personal, active relationship with Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord.
  2. You have been baptized at some time in your life, or are willing to be baptized as soon as it becomes possible. (We hold a baptism service every summer for both Bethany Church campuses.)
  3. You agree with Bethany Church’s Statement of Faith.

See you at the next Discovery Class!

If you would like to receive further information about Membership at Bethany Church, please complete and submit the following form: