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Now What

Now What July 2022 Now What? In the Gospel of Matthew Jesus has been presented as the promised Messiah. He


Power May 2022 Power: Experience it for yourself We are drawn to Jesus through his words and deeds. The reason


Schooled Winter 2021 Schooled: Back to BasicsDates: January 2 – April 10Scripture Reference: Matthew 4-8 Our walk with God was


Implications Christmas 2021 Advent 2021: Implications of the Birth of JesusDates: November 28 – December 26 The story of the


Origin: Where It All Starts September 2021 ORIGIN: Where it all StartsScripture Reference: Matthew 1-4Dates: September 19 – November 21

Good Times

Good Times Summer 2021 GOOD TIMES: Learning How the Bible Speaks About Celebrations Celebration is a regular theme in the

From Here To Eternity

From Here To Eternity APRIL 2021 Navigating life’s obstacles and encumbrances can be quite challenging. We must remain alert, for

The Core

The Core March 2021 “Who is God?”“Who is Jesus?”“What is the Gospel?”“Why the Bible?”“Why am I here?” These are five

All In

All In FEBruary 2021 We live in an increasingly secular society. Is anyone surprised when Jesus is depicted as a

The Present

The Present December 2020 This Christmas season is going to be different for many of us. Holiday traditions might need

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